World map game: more info

How to play: World map location

  • This game is to locate cities of the world on the map. The game will give you names of cities and you should get as close as possible to its location. You have a limit time to gain as many points as you can.
  • Click here to play world map game. You can find it as well on the top menu: Games -> World
  • Click on Start game button.
  • Above the map, you'll see the city you should find: city label
  • Click on the map where you think the city is. the game will show you the distance to which you've stayed. click city
  • As well, you'll see the points you gained. As you can see, it depends on distance, the less distance, the more points you earn. but you'll also earn points for the speed of your response. points info
  • You have 1 minut to earn as many points as you can. Try and get into top results
  • You have 1 minut to earn as many points as you can.
  • Below the map, you can click to play with other options (levels, time to play, tips...) more options
  • Once there, select the options you'd like to play: number of cities, time playing and tips. select options
  • And now, you can play as usual.
  • Thanks and enjoy it!