FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

GeoLudum is a free website. It is a free online game made by Xin and Ardebof based on geography quizzes. Currently we have one type of game avalable: city location on the maps with several maps (World, Europe, USA, Spain...). New maps comming soon.
As well, in a future, we plan to have another type of games based on flags, on positioning the Wonders of the World, ...
Yes. GeoLudum is a free website and we don't want users to pay for it neither in a future.
At the moment we have one type of game available: locate cities on the maps. To play, just click on start game button and you'll see a name of a city you should position on the map. You'll get points by proximity and speed of your answer. You'll have 1 minut to answer as much as you can.
As well, below the map, you can click the button "Click here to play this game with other options (Cities filter, Different answer times, Tips)." to change the default game options.
It is not necessary to create an user account. But is absolutly recomended. With a user your scores will be recorded at tops scores, and as well you will be able to challenge your friends.
Remember create user is absolutly free and email is not mandatory.
Yes. GeoLudum is a responsive website and you can play with all types of device: desktop, tablet, mobiles...But of course, because it is a precision game, it will be easier for you if you use bigger devices.
We obtained the data (cities location) from geonames.org/ under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
If you don't find your answer in the FAQ, you can contact us sending an email to info@geoludum.com