About Geoludum / About us

GeoLudum is a web project for lovers of free online games and geography. It was made on 2017 (September) and it's a project in the growth phase.

GeoLudum is a free website created in 2017 by Xin and Ardebof. We are from near Barcelona, in Catalonia. Both we are IT developpers, we love to make websites, specially if it is our own project. We are working professionally in other companies / projects. But thinking about possible personal projects, we came up with the idea of ​​doing this online game in our free time.

So at the moment it is just only like a personal hobbie. Maybe in the future we will study the possibility of adding advertising, just to get some money to be able to pay our hosting and server, but we won't insert aggressive advertising that annoys navigation and the users. And for sure, will never charge to play in Geoludum. It does not go with our philosophy.

With the time we have apart from our jobs and personal situations we will be improving this site with new games and features. But remember that this is not a professional website. So if you have any suggestions or you find an error, we would be very grateful if you contact us at info@geoludum.com

We are not English speakers, so we apoligose about our English and about our grammar mistakes. I would appreciate so much if you detect some mistake and you let us know.

Barcelona, 1st on December 2017